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Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

Character: [Youko] Kurama | Shuichi Minamino 
I'll be using [personal profile] vulpeenroze  for Kurama's Youko form.

Timeline: Post Series

Personality: Kind hearted and incredibly intelligent, Kurama is initially presented as a mysterious character. His quiet, calculating demeanor makes him somewhat unapproachable. But he is not unfriendly, so much as  he just doesn't fit in with his human classmates. He is always respectful and helpful when his classmates ask for his help. It is his human mother, Shiori, that really holds a special place in his heart though. When he decided to possess her unborn son, Kurama initially had no plans to grow attached to Shiori or any other humans. Possessing Shuichi was merely a means to an end and he intended to leave as soon as he'd regained his demonic energy. But being raised by Shiori (as well as having his demon self merge with the human boy), changed him drastically. When Kurama discovered that Shiori was dying, he teamed up with two other demons to help steal an artifact that could save her life at the cost of his own. Over the course of his human life, Kurama changed from a feared, cruel and manipulating thief to a devoted son willing to do anything for his mother.

Some of his former-self is still there though. It shows through best in his fighting style. He is calculating, ruthless, and self sacrificing when he needs to be. And is always thinking steps ahead of his opponents like a chess master. Whenever he fights, Kurama first tries to assess his opponent's skills. This often leaves him injured, sometimes to the point that he can no longer continue to fight. But until he can no longer move or is knocked out, Kurama always fights on. This shows his devotion to his friends and tournament teammates. He's a master tactician all around though, quickly able to analyze an opponent's strategies, skills and weaknesses to form the perfect plan of attack. Up against other demons, he's often pushed into using deadly techniques, even though he'd prefer not to kill. This is opposed to his former-self Youko. Youko enjoys tormenting and playing with his 'prey'. Well aware of his superior fighting skill and intellect, he's not afraid to draw out pain in order to amuse himself, or get something from his opponent. The ancient demon can also be cruel and nasty, usually aimed at intimidating whoever he is fighting.

Even though Kurama never connected with his human classmates, he became close with Hiei, Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Botan, Koenma, Genkai and the other people he fought with and against after joining Yuusuke's group. His friends don't often see his darker side (except in battle), but are more than used to his normally serious demeanor. Sometimes they see his lighter, playful side, and the smile that he doesn't share with anyone but his family and friends. He can be critical and brutally honest with them when it comes to their abilities, because he trusts that they will know he only wishes to help them become better. He's also very loyal to his friends. When Yomi asks Kurama to join him in taking over the Demon Realm, Kurama betrays him in order to help Yuusuke. Even though he felt guilty over what he'd done to Yomi in the past, he threatened Kurama's family, and was part of his old life. Generally Kurama respects personal boundaries unless he has taken it upon himself to meddle. He has a sense of humour and enjoys participating in jokes and pranks with his friends. Hiei's annoyance tends to be one of Kurama's favourite things to laugh about.

 Yu Yu Wikia

Abilities/Additional Notes: See Here!

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Sample RP: Playing in his garden...


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